Gastronomy Tour

Greek Gastronomy Tour

We will welcome you with a glass of wine / craft beer / ice tea with honey & a small variety of traditional snacks.
You may choose 2 or more categories of products from:
  • olive oil tasting from 3 different regions of Greece
  • honey tasting (thyme / heather / flower / forest honeys e.t.c.)
  • balsamic vinegars tasting aged up to 11 years
  • cheeses & cold cuts tasting from our extensive variety
  • mastiha products tasting (a unique Greek product, an excellent digestive)
  • deserts & spoon deserts tasting
  • many more
During the tasting we will present you the products analytically with several information regarding the different regions, local traditions, philosophy of flavors & textures e.t.c.
From 8€ / person
Special offers for groups