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Picnic Basket

Create your own picnic basket. Pick out of a wide variety of traditional products, collected from all around Greece, which covers a great gastronomic, historical and cultural range.

A typical basket for 6€ / person contains: natural water, our version of greek salad, dolmades (stuffed grapeleaves with rice), tzatziki, refreshing smoked eggplant salad with all the seasonal vegetables, 3 types of olives, 3 types of rusks, feta cheese from Kalamata Peloponese, graviera cheese from Rethymno Crete and salami or ham from our cold cuts selection.

You may add on the above any of:

  • our juices & beverages, craft beers, wines, ouzo or tsipouro.
  • more cheeses, sausages & cold cuts from our extensive selection.
  • our daily traditional receipies.
  • smoked or marinated fishes.
  • deserts e.t.c.

From: 6€ / person